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Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape-In Hair Extensions

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Sanaria Beauty's Tape-In Hair Extensions are the perfect solution for adding length and volume to your hair seamlessly. Crafted from the highest quality, untreated cuticle virgin/remy hair, our tape-in extensions offer a natural and luscious look that effortlessly blends with your own hair.

Each tape-in extension set includes 100 grams of hair, ensuring you have enough volume to achieve your desired look. With five pieces per extension, these tapes are carefully crafted to securely attach to your hair, delivering a comfortable and enduring hold throughout the day.

Choose from our wide range of 17 exquisite color options, including classic shades like black and dark brown, as well as captivating hues like honey blonde and ash. This variety allows you to effortlessly find the perfect match for your natural hair color, ensuring your extensions look and feel like your own.

Our tape-in extensions are available in lengths ranging from 16' to 24', catering to your unique style preferences. Whether you desire subtle volume or dramatic length, our extensions provide the versatility to achieve any desired look.

What distinguishes our tape-in extensions is their exceptional ability to seamlessly blend with your natural hair, resulting in an effortless and natural appearance. Crafted from 100% human hair, you can style and treat them just like your own natural hair, offering limitless styling possibilities.

In conclusion, Sanaria Beauty's Tape-In Hair Extensions are the ultimate solution for those looking to add length and volume to their hair. With 17 different color options and various lengths to choose from, finding the perfect match for your hair has never been easier. Our user-friendly tape-in system and high-quality craftsmanship ensure a comfortable and secure hold, allowing you to confidently embrace your beauty all day long. Elevate your look effortlessly with Sanaria Beauty's Tape-In Hair Extensions.


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